I’ve always been a strong proponent in sharing my research with others. So, I’ve always been happy, when invited, to present to the wider community. On this page, you’ll find links to places where I’ve been featured as a guest commentator, or where my research was picked up by others. If you have any contributions, please leave me a message below.


In the Fall of 2011, Gordon Price suggested that the talk I provided during the Philosopher’s Cafe seemed interesting to warrant pulicizing my research online in a digestable format. Several months later, I uploaded the first portion of that material to this website. Lo and behold, Gordon picked it up and publicized it on his Price Points column for Spacing Vancouver – a national online and pring magazine covering the various unique dimensions of the urban landscape in major Canadian cities and regions. You can find Gordon Price’s online Price Points column HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.


After presenting thoughts from my experience on the Senate Graduate Studies Committee where I served for two terms on how to make the committee specifically, and graduate studies on the whole better for students and faculty, I was invited to be profiled on the Dean of Graduate Studies’ website.

When David Pereira returned to SFU to embark on his Master’s Degree in Urban Studies, he knew he wanted to make a positive difference in his community.

You can find that link HERE.


After presenting him with a dollop of information on the history of Metrotown that I had gathered in connection to my Master’s thesis in the Urban Studies Program, I was asked by Gordon Price to present some of my research to a fairly large public audience. You can find the original advert for the talk HERE.


As an extension of conversations I had with Gordon Price, I was asked to come in to the CBC for a live studio interview, to guide the central question on everyone’s minds, “Does Metrotown work?” Introduction from show host Rick Cluff:

Well it has become the defacto downtown of the City of Burnaby, it attracts thousands of shoppers every day and after 25 years, Metrotown is considered a commercial succcess. But, the Metrotown of 2011 is not the place that City Planners envisioned back in the 70’s…

You can find the show’s link HERE, or click on the following link to download to my excerpt:

2011-07-20 (12:51:03) – CBC Radio One Early Edition Interview – Metrotown History


After hearing about an upcoming Philosopher’s Cafe presentation on the topic “Does Metrotown Work?” by Gordon Price, Director of Simon Fraser University’s City Program and former long-time Vancouver City Councillor, I forwarded some of the research I had produced in connection my Master’s thesis in the Urban Studies Program. In his widely read blog, Gordon kicked off the conversation by asking:

Burnaby was the first municipality to make a major commitment to increasing density. With the arrival of SkyTrain, Metrotown has grown dramatically, but does it work? What are Metrotown’s virtues and challenges, and how can it get better in the future?

Click HERE to find my exhaustive notes on Gordon Price’s blog.

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  1. Hi David,

    I’m in the process of researching for a design thesis in my Master of Architecture at UBC and I’m looking at Metrotown as my site for intervention, most specifically the site of Metropolis mall. I have just come across your website while doing research into the development of the city centre and I’m so excited to see the work that you did about the area and the interest that you have in the phenomena of Metrotown. I wanted to contact you because you’re clearly a wealth of knowledge on the subject and because I’m interested to know more about any current research you might be doing on development in the Vancouver area (from quick inspection it seems like the Metrotown research was done a few years back). Hope to hear from you and thanks for sharing your work.

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