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Since the May, 2012 Jane’s Walk, I gained a bit of a notoriety in Burnaby for hosting interesting walks covering the history of Burnaby neighborhoods. Completing a Master’s Degree on the history of Burnaby’s planning policy helped out with building the foundation to the research, but the majority of the material is a product of original research. And as I’ve discovered, is often the first source of a compilation of materials found in City archives, and personal archives of people for whom I’ve interviewed for these walking tours.


2012 May 5: Jane’s Walk – Our Schools, Our Community

  • Commissioned by the Heights Neighborhood Association, this walk spanned from Saint Helen’s Elementary and Confederation Park Elementary in North Burnaby. Learn about the history of some of Burnaby’s oldest schools, including other stories such as when Burnaby nearly split into two cities!

2012 September 23: Metrotown  (coming soon)

  • Commissioned by the Burnaby Village Museum as part of the City of Burnaby’s 120th Birthday celebrations, this walk covered a wide range of topics from the origins of Central Park and Kingsway, and the controversial beginnings of the  Metrotown shopping centre.

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