After a bout of leading several Philosopher’s Cafes, I was approached in 2013 by the Continuing Studies Department at Simon Fraser University. Through the Liberal Arts Program, I have the fortune to design from scratch, and lecture on the following courses:

Surrey, Spring 2014

AHCP214, “City Building: Vancouver and Regional Planning.” The course should have been called “City Building in the Suburbs: Planning the Metro Vancouver Region,” but there was an issue with the number of letters I could use. Anyways, archived material of this course, including PowerPoint slideshows are available through the following link: ENTER HERE. For everyone else, please see the course syllabus HERE.

Vancouver, Winter 2014

AHCP238, “Post Suburban city-Building: Vancouver and Its Region” is a redux of the Surrey, 2014 offering, with an added flavor of more Vancouver-centric content. For access to view weekly PowerPoint slideshows and additional content discussed in class, ENTER HERE.

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