Burnaby’s Town Centres

Vancouver often comes to mind when discussing livability and bold planning. But, in fact, it is the larger Metro Vancouver region that is responsible for regional planning, agricultural land preservation, and green space protection. By default, the term ‘Vancouver’ usually tends to lead people to believe that the innovation in the region originates within the confines of the City of Vancouver. Though it is true that many bold policy initiatives have originated from Vancouver proper, it would be an oversight to claim that livability and bold planning policy ends at the City’s boundaries.

In 2011, I embarked on a Master’s project in the Urban Studies Program at Simon Fraser University. I was also employed at the City of Burnaby, and through this I was able to meet with senior urban planners and Mayor and Councillors. From my experiences, I discovered that there was a fascinating, yet not well researched story to tell in Burnaby. In further investigation, I discovered there was a rich political and planning history from a period beginning in 1961 until today.

I have summarized portions of my thesis for this online format, but if you are interested in seeing the full thesis, please view it HERE.

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::The Town Centre Model

::Brentwood Town Centre

::Lougheed Town Centre

::Edmonds Town Centre


::Epilogue (coming soon)

Being as this was originally a Master’s thesis, most of the information was gathered from various places not normally accessible through regular internet searches. Many of the news articles are from now-defunct newspapers. Many are only accessible through the Burnaby Public Library’s database of microfiche cassettes. What was accessible online was chiefly acquired through the City of Burnaby, Metro Vancouver, and the City of Burnaby’s Archives, an award-winning online repository of text, photos, and audio. Some background details were was also sourced from other graduate projects, including those of Larry Beasley, Laura Tate, and Ralph Perkins, but also informed by fellow Urban Studies graduate papers authored by John Calimente and Michael Newell.

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