Welcome to 2014!

Okay, so the update that I promised in the previous entry is slow to come. I won’t make any promises, but the update is hanging on my back like an angry monkey!

Things to watch out for:

  • Historical information from tours that I produced in recent months:
    • The Kingsway corridor (for Burnaby’s 2013 birthday)
    • North Burnaby (for Jane’s Walk)
  • Presentations:
    • Detailed history of Metrotown
    • Detailed history of Brentwood
  • General repair and maintenance to pages and links since a hacker took down the site in 2013
  • Uploads of past academic projects from my undergrad
    • Sociology paper that analyzes the rhetoric used by the media and the United States government for entering into the Iraq war in 2003
    • Understanding the Safe Streets Act, BC Provincial legislation passed in 2004

So, please be patient, and stay tuned!


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